How to get top-tier Hyatt Globalist status for life


Similar to Marriott lifetime elite status and Hilton lifetime elite status, there’s a way to earn World of Hyatt status for life. Once you do so, you can enjoy status perks without satisfying the annual requirements.

The World of Hyatt program only offers lifetime status for its top Globalist tier. So, here’s what you should know about lifetime World of Hyatt Globalist status.

Earning lifetime Globalist status

Globalist status can help you get complimentary suite upgrades like this one at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco in California. KYLE OLSEN/THE POINTS GUY

Lifetime Globalist status requires 1,000,000 base points over the life of your World of Hyatt account. This is no small feat.

Hyatt members earn 5 base points per dollar on room rates, dining purchases, spa treatments and other eligible expenses (excluding taxes and fees) at participating hotels. Earnings are limited to room rates for stays at Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties.

While most members earn most of their lifetime base points from hotel stays, you can also earn 10 base points per dollar on FIND experiences (excluding taxes, gratuities and service charges). You’ll also earn 5 base points per dollar on the cruise fare of qualifying Lindbald Expeditions booked through Hyatt.

If you earn 5 base points per dollar, you’ll need to spend $200,000 to reach 1,000,000 base points. Assuming you spend $10,000 and earn 50,000 base points each year, you’ll still need about two decades to earn lifetime Globalist status.

Business travelers who frequent pricier cities or more luxurious brands like Park Hyatt might be able to hit this threshold quicker. However, if you’re a price-conscious award traveler who loves booking Category 1 Hyatt properties for as little as 3,500 points a night, don’t expect to earn lifetime Globalist status anytime soon.

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What doesn’t count toward lifetime Globalist status

Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa in Florida. KYLE OLSEN/THE POINTS GUY

You’re not working toward the 1,000,000 base point requirement whenever you earn bonus points. Bonus points include those earned via:

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Lifetime Globalist benefits

Park Hyatt Washington, D.C. KYLE OLSEN/THE POINTS GUY

World of Hyatt Globalist members enjoy various perks, including:

Lifetime Globalist members also receive the following perks every year around March 1, regardless of their annual stay activity:

  • Four suite upgrade certificates (each can be used to confirm a standard suite for up to seven nights at the time of booking on an eligible rate).
  • One Category 1 through 7 free night certificate.
  • Access to a dedicated My Hyatt Concierge agent.

You can earn even more perks as a lifetime Globalist each calendar year through Hyatt’s milestone rewards program:

  • After 50 qualifying nights or 80,000 base points in a calendar year, you’ll earn another two suite upgrade awards.
  • After 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 base points in a calendar year, you’ll earn another two suite upgrade awards and another Category 1 through 7 certificate.

In other words, a lifetime Globalist member who completes 60 nights or earns 100,000 base points in a calendar year will receive a total of eight suite upgrade awards and two Category 1 through 7 certificates during that year.

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How to check your progress

Unfortunately, you can’t see your lifetime base points when you log into your World of Hyatt account. To check your lifetime base points, refer to your most recent account summary (Hyatt emails this to its members monthly). At the top of the email, you’ll see your lifetime base points.


You can also contact World of Hyatt for your current lifetime base points balance.

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Bottom line

You won’t qualify for lifetime Globalist status overnight. However, once you earn 1,000,000 base points over your lifetime, you’re a World of Hyatt Globalist member for the rest of your life or until the program is terminated. The terms and conditions of the World of Hyatt program give Hyatt the full discretion to adjust lifetime Globalist status:

In the event that Hyatt modifies the Program or transitions to a successor loyalty program in such a way that the Globalist tier is eliminated, Hyatt may (in its sole discretion) elect to transfer Lifetime Globalists into a comparable elite tier in the modified Program or successor loyalty program.

If your loyalty to Hyatt is built mostly on award stays and elite status earned from the World of Hyatt Credit Card, then lifetime status might not be in the cards.

If you spend a vast amount of money with Hyatt over the lifetime of your account, you may eventually earn lifetime Globalist status. Once you do, you’ll enjoy Globalist status — and an annual gift of two suite upgrade awards and a Category 1 through 7 certificate — for the rest of your life, regardless of your activity each year.

Additional reporting by Ethan Steinberg.


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