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At The Points Guy, we’re all about maximizing our credit card strategy and getting as much value from each swipe as possible. And one of the more underutilized ways you can do this is through Chase Offers.

So today, we’ll walk through the basics of the program and how you can use Chase Offers on your eligible Chase credit cards to earn additional rewards or discounts on everyday purchases.

What are Chase Offers?

Chase Offers is a program that works similarly to Amex Offers. Eligible cardholders can add offers to their online accounts on Chase-issued debit and credit cards. These offers are targeted to each specific account and card. For example, my Chase Offers will be different from yours. This also means the Chase Offers you’ll be targeted for through your Chase Freedom Unlimited may differ from what you’d be offered through your Chase Sapphire Preferred Card at any given time.

Which credit cards provide access to Chase Offers?

All Chase-issued consumer and business, credit and debit cards are generally eligible for Chase Offers if the primary cardholder has a U.S. address listed as the primary residence or place of business. To see if Chase Offers is available for your card, check your Chase Mobile app or log in at Chase’s website. Note that only the primary cardholder can see and add offers.

How to find Chase Offers

To view your available offers, check online at on your account dashboard or by signing in to the Chase mobile app. You’ll also get regular emails with offers tailored to your account, which can be a good reminder to check your offers.

The offers available come from a wide range of merchants and include their own terms and conditions. You can see an example of some of the current offers available on my Chase Sapphire Preferred:


What kinds of deals do Chase Offers have?

Currently, I have offers on all my Chase cards for an impressive range of brands, including offers for food, clothing, entertainment, travel and even security systems. One of these is for 10% back at Office Depot, with a maximum of $11 back. Be sure to note the specific terms for each offer.


How to redeem Chase Offers

While you don’t have to enroll your card to start using the Chase Offers program, you do have to add each individual offer to your credit card. Adding them is easy — all you have to do is navigate to Chase Offers either online or through the Chase Mobile app and click “Add to card” on any available offer that interests you. Then, use your card at the specific merchant and you should see a statement credit applied to your account within 7-14 business days of your purchase.

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Adding Chase Offers on the Chase website

To view your Chase Offers on Chase’s website, log in to your account and then scroll down in the right-hand panel. You should see a section titled “Chase Offers” that previews a few of your offers.


You can click on “See all offers” to review all of the available offers. You’ll see a “Choose your account” drop-down near the top of the screen if you have multiple eligible Chase cards. Note that if you have multiple sign-ins with Chase, such as one for your personal cards and one for business credit cards, you will only see cards associated with the account for which you’re currently signed in.


Click on any of the offers to add them to your card. Then, use your card at the specific merchant and the statement credit should post to your account in 7-14 business days.

Adding Chase Offers through the Chase mobile app

To view your Chase Offers on the Chase mobile app, log in to your account and then scroll to the bottom of the main account dashboard. You should see a section titled “Chase Offers” showing some of your current offers.

You can click on “See all offers” to see the rest of your offers. You’ll see a “Choose your account” drop-down near the top of the screen if you have multiple eligible Chase cards.

Click on any offers to add them to your card, use your card at the participating merchant and wait for your statement credit to post.

What to know about Chase Offers

When you add an offer for a specific card, you must use that same card to redeem the offer. For example, if you add a Chase Offer to your Chase Freedom Flex, you must use that card to redeem that offer successfully.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions for each offer carefully. You only have a certain amount of time to use each offer; many come with maximum earning abilities. As long as you make your purchase by the expiration date, you should receive the credit even if the transaction posts after the expiration date.


Chase offers are rewarded as a statement credit, even if you have a card that earns Ultimate Rewards points on regular spending. This is an area where Chase differs from Amex. Some Amex Offers consist of statement credits, while others offer bonus Membership Rewards points for purchases.

One of the common threads among all Chase Offers is this condition: Payment must be made directly with the merchant. While you can still use services like mobile wallets and PayPal with Chase Offers, you can’t use third-party providers to make purchases. Finally, Chase Offers is currently only available in the U.S.

How to maximize Chase Offers

Since new offers are constantly added, it’s a good idea to go through your Chase offers at least biweekly to review and add new offers. It doesn’t cost anything to add an offer and then not use it, so you can be pretty lenient with which offers you add. If there’s even a tiny possibility that you’ll use an offer, you might as well add it to your card. If you use it, great; if not, it’s not a problem.

You might as well add any offers you think could be useful. RGSTUDIO/GETTY IMAGES

Only the primary cardholder can see and add offers, but any cardholder can redeem them once they’re added.

Chase Offers are a great way to save money on things you know you will buy anyway. But, just like any sale or coupon, saving 10% on a purchase you otherwise wouldn’t have made doesn’t equate to saving money. And, of course, don’t forget that Chase Offers are stackable with online shopping portals and bonus categories. You can use a shopping portal aggregator to determine which points and miles portal offers the best return on a certain purchase and then combine it with a Chase Offer to maximize.

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Bottom line

The Chase Offers program is Chase’s version of a similar benefit offered by American Express. However, it’s not quite up to par with Amex Offers since it’s limited to statement credits and typically has fewer offers available. It’s worth checking your offers periodically to see what might be available on your cards.

Additional reporting by Emily Thompson, Stella Shon and Madison Blancaflor.


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