A complete guide to the Amex Gold dining credit


There are plenty of perks that come with the American Express® Gold Card, including bonus points on dining and grocery purchases plus monthly Uber Cash for rides and Uber Eats orders in the U.S. There’s even an option to get a rose gold version of the card.

But in addition to other great perks on the card, there’s a benefit that may not be on your radar: the monthly dining credit.

The Amex Gold gives cardholders up to $120 per year in statement credits — up to $10 per month — for dining purchases from select merchants. While you do need to enroll your card for this benefit, it’s a great way to save money every month. In fact, maximizing this perk covers nearly half of the card’s $250 annual fee (see rates and fees).

This benefit doesn’t apply to every restaurant, however, and the list of eligible merchants has changed over the years. Read on for details and how to use the Amex Gold dining credit.

Eligible merchants for the Amex Gold dining credit

You can use your Amex Gold monthly dining credits at the following merchants:

  • The Cheesecake Factory.
  • Goldbelly.
  • Grubhub.
  • Milk Bar.
  • Wine.com.
  • Participating Shake Shack locations (excludes stadiums, airports and racetracks).

After you enroll and then use your Amex Gold card at any one of these merchants, you’ll automatically receive a statement credit of up to $10 each month.

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Because you’re purchasing directly from the merchant, you also can stack this benefit with any applicable Amex Offers or bonuses through online shopping portals.

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For example, this targeted Amex Offer from Milk Bar provided $5 back after spending $25 or more. Combined with the monthly dining credit, a purchase of $25 would earn $15 back in credits — an out-of-pocket cost of $10 to you for $25 in food.


However, you’ll need to enroll your card in the benefit before shopping in order to trigger the credit.

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How to enroll for the Amex Gold dining credit

You can’t receive monthly dining credits on the Amex Gold card without enrolling in the benefit first. So how do you enroll?

If you’re using the American Express mobile app, choose the “Membership” icon at the bottom of your homepage and then tap “Explore All Card Benefits” to see a full list of perks — some of which require enrollment. From there, find the “$120 Dining Credit” and check whether you’re already enrolled.

If not, tap on it, and you’ll be taken to a page that allows you to complete enrollment.

If you’re using a computer, log in to your American Express account and navigate to your Amex Gold card. Click on “Rewards and Benefits,” then click on “Benefits” on the right side of the page (inside of the blue menu bar at the top).

From there, you should see the option to enroll in the $120 dining credit (or an indication that you’ve enrolled already).


A benefits tracker also shows how much of your credit you’ve used so far this month and through the year, resetting on Jan. 1 each year.

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Note that you only need to complete enrollment once; you don’t need to do it on a monthly basis. Once your card is registered, you can use the benefit every month.

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Important reminders

Aside from the requirement to enroll your card to receive the monthly statement credit, there are a few additional caveats for the Amex Gold dining credit.

First, the dining credit is different from the Uber benefit on the card. When you add your Amex Gold to your Uber and/or Uber Eats account, you’ll receive $10 in Uber Cash every month. This is valid for Uber Eats orders and Uber rides in the U.S.

While you can use your Uber Cash at any restaurant available through the Uber Eats app, you can use the dining credit only at the merchants mentioned above. However, Grubhub has a wide variety of dining spots — and you might even find a new favorite in the process.

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As long as you enroll in advance and use your card at an approved merchant, you should receive a statement credit within a few days.

There are two other things you should know, as well.

First, purchases by authorized users will trigger this perk (up to the $10 monthly limit). Authorized users don’t get their own, separate credits each month. Second, the dining credit cannot be used toward the purchase of gift cards or merchandise.

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Bottom line

You can earn $120 annually in statement credits at select food merchants through the dining credit on your American Express Gold Card. Enrollment is required but can be done in a few simple steps with a computer or the Amex mobile app. This allows you to earn up to $10 in monthly credits when dining at select merchants.

Whether you’re a new Amex Gold cardmember or have held the card for years, make sure you enroll for this dining credit — and then start enjoying up to $10 back every month.

Official application link: American Express Gold Card

Additional reporting by Ryan Smith.

For rates and fees of the Amex Gold card, click here.


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