How to match your World of Hyatt status to MGM Rewards for free perks in Las Vegas


It’s certainly possible to do Las Vegas on a budget. However, a trip to Las Vegas can quickly become more expensive than expected thanks to extra charges for items like parking and resort fees.

Luckily, you don’t have to waste money on parking in Las Vegas if you have World of Hyatt elite status. Even the low-level Discoverist status that comes with the World of Hyatt Credit Card and the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card is enough to score you complimentary self-parking and other perks when visiting MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas.

And, if you have Explorist or Globalist status, you can avoid resort fees on your trip to Las Vegas. That’s right: The MGM Rewards program offers waived resort fees for members at select tiers.

The secret is to match your World of Hyatt status to MGM Rewards. Here’s how and why you should link your World of Hyatt and MGM Rewards accounts each year.

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Benefits of matching Hyatt status to MGM Rewards


Entry-level World of Hyatt members match to MGM Rewards’ base-level Sapphire status. World of Hyatt elite members can match to MGM Rewards tiers as follows:

  • Discoverist: MGM Rewards Pearl.
  • Explorist: MGM Rewards Gold.
  • Globalist: MGM Rewards Gold.

MGM Rewards has two higher status tiers — Platinum and Noir — that you can’t unlock with your World of Hyatt status, but there are still some tangible perks at the Pearl and Gold status levels.

MGM Rewards Pearl status allows you to use a dedicated line at buffets, avoid self-parking fees and get a 10% discount at select retail shops. And, as long as you hold Pearl status or higher, your MGM Rewards points and Slot Dollars won’t expire due to inactivity.

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MGM Rewards Gold status offers all the same perks as Pearl but also provides the following:

  • Waived valet parking charges (at select MGM Rewards).
  • Waived resort fees when booking hotel rooms directly with MGM.
  • Access to a priority check-in line at the front desk of MGM Resorts.
  • Access to a dedicated line at participating restaurants.
  • VIP line access to select nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Some perks, such as waived resort fees for MGM Rewards Gold members, require you to book directly with MGM Resorts International under your name. Other perks, such as waived parking fees and the discount at select retail shops, should be available as long as you have your MGM Rewards member card. You can pick up your member card the next time you visit an MGM destination.

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How to match Hyatt status to MGM Rewards

MGM Rewards status resets annually on Feb. 1. Unfortunately, this annual reset means you’ll need to rematch your Hyatt status to MGM Rewards each year on Feb. 1 or later.

Fortunately, matching your World of Hyatt status to MGM Rewards is easy and can be done via the Hyatt website. Once there, scroll down and click the “Learn more” button.


If prompted, sign in to your Hyatt account and click “Opt in.”


Log in to your MGM Rewards account. You’ll see the following message if your match is successful. Although the message notes it may take 24 hours for MGM to update your account, some members have seen their tier be updated immediately.


Ensure you aren’t logged in to the MGM Rewards website when initiating a match on Hyatt’s website, as this can sometimes generate an error. If you get an error while matching, double-check that you’re logged out of the MGM Rewards site and try again.

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Bottom line

There are many ways to skip the line and get some VIP treatment in Las Vegas, but many involve spending lots of money on lodging or gambling. However, you can leverage your existing hotel elite status by matching it to Las Vegas casino loyalty programs to avoid some lines and fees on your next trip to Sin City.

Additional reporting by Katie Genter.


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